You will be treated like the true Rock Star YOU ARE! Whether you’re laying down tracks for a single, or creating an entire album, Allegro Studio is the place to be! We have flexible hours to accommodate your schedule, so our Audio Engineers are ready to track whenever you say LET’S DO THIS.

Live room 1

Live Room #1 offers 11′ x 30′ space with 28 XLR input snake, and isolation booth for vocals.


Live Room #2 is smaller, and was created to accommodate & separate drums, horns, acoustic renderings, or additional vocals.

mix mastering

We are HONORED to have the privilege of partnering with Brent Clawson as our Allegro Mix Master.

Brent has been a recording engineer for over 20 years and has produced, engineered, and mixed recordings for independent artists all over the world. He’s worked on hundreds of recordings and has an extensive discography dating back to the mid 90’s. Brent puts 100% into every project and guarantees absolute perfection when it comes to your final cut.